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4k wolf portrait, ferns, butterflies, character concept art, oilpainting, cinematic lighting, trending in artstation, cgsociety

Silicon valley virtual reality 1 0 th anniversary, beautiful! woman with glasses, cyberpunk art by android jones, cyberpunk art by beeple, synthwave, darksynth, quantum tracerwave, wireframes, trending on artstation

Mechanical Dawn, Technology City, a Mechanical Transformer, epic fantasy art, super highly detailed, Studio lighting, illustration, trending on artstation, 8k

Hand drawn cute gnomes face in autumn disguise holding pumpkin and maple leaf,detailed face,concept art,low angle,high detail,warm lighting,volumetric,godrays,vivid,beautiful,trending on artstation,by jordan grimmer, huge scene,grass,art greg rutkowski

Anime art, anime key visual of elegant young female, long blonde hair and large eyes, finely detailed perfect face, laying down in the grass at sunset, golden hour sunset lighting, background blur bokeh!!, trending on pixiv fanbox, studio ghibli, extremely high quality artwork

Detailed landscape, very atmospheri fireworks, concept art, ultra realistic, digital painting, illustration, 8k, cinematic lighting, cinematic composition, [bad anatomy, extra legs, extra arms, extra fingers, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn feet, disfigured, out of frame, tiling, bad art, deformed, mutated]